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Image Manipulation

Bringing out a new dimension in the picture which takes breath away is image manipulation, such as Ghost Mannequin.

Core Features

Clipping Path Adroit provides image manipulation which brings a whole new dimension in the image. Image manipulation is the technique to edit an image to create an illusion. Suppose there is a picture of a dress and you want to see how the dress looks on a body, simply click on the image and it will be put on a mannequin. You won’t believe your eyes that it was built from two separate photographs.

Image manipulation is not an easy thing to do. We have highly skilled professionals who have worked years dealing with these. We connect with our clients and understand what they need, what they want. We do manipulation in such a way that the image becomes very attractive and gains an elegant look. Having that said image manipulation is very popular nowadays and it looks very good if applied correctly.

Image manipulation is one highly demanded skill in the market right now. Suppose you are a fashion designer and you have a website about cloths of current trend. Having ghost mannequin in the images will attract the customers in a level that no other thing can do. It will be a blast in the business. That was just an example. Image manipulation can be used in a lot of places. So if you have anything you want us to help with just request a quote and we will be here for you.

Image Manipulation Image Manipulation
Image Manipulation Image Manipulation
Image Manipulation Image Manipulation