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Photoshop clipping path service

is that outline created using the pen tool in Photoshop & it also removes the background.


Core Features

Clipping path service is one of the many services provided by Clipping Path Adroit.

We are one of the best clipping path service providers. We provide this service completely hand drawn with the help of our professional designers. It is an outline that is created with the pen tool. The software used for these services is Photoshop mainly. Then there is Illustrator and InDesign also for further creation.

Clipping path is like bringing the picture out of the frame. Suppose you want to remove a background or change the background then we are the people you are looking for. We mainly use Industry standard Photoshop along with other software also. So no matter how many pictures you want to edit we are here for you. The demand of clipping path service is very high and it can cost a lot if you hire a professional in real life, but with Clipping Path Adroit we’ve made that easy for you. We have finest professionals for you and we assure you that you will get the best quality of service at the most competitive price.

Clipping path is a very good way to remove the background. It’s a very professional way. Mainly the pen tool is used in this process. File of any format can be edited. The file size can be reduced also in terms of need. You don’t have to worry about your image safety as they are completely safe with us. We have the fastest turnaround time so you don’t have to worry about being late. Not only have we given the delivery in time but we also maintain the best quality of work because we believe in client satisfaction.

clipping path

Clipping Path Tutorial Aid

This tutorial will assist you to learn:

1.Interpretation of Clipping Path
2. Process to operate Clipping Path activity
3. Wherein can you use Clipping Path?

Interpretation of Clipping Path:

Clipping path can be employed on the drawn up path, in order to anything outside the path will be ignored when you put the file into InDesign, Illustrator as well as many software related to web development. What is that path? A Path is a clasped or combined vector shape, applied to split an image in actual figure editing tool like Adobe Photoshop.

The process to operate Clipping Path activity:

1. For clipping path tutorial, disclose an image in Adobe Photoshop Software (get the file menu in the Adobe Photoshop, click on the open box. Choose the file which you need to use, then select open from that open dialogue box.

2. If you have found the file open in Adobe Photoshop, choose the pen tool from the toolbar (if the toolbox or bar is unseen to you, just go to the window menu and then click on “Tools”). You need to confirm that, you have chosen paths from the pen tool menu bar.
3. Pull your mouse pointer unto the next move, then release the mouse, but before this, you have to click on the image border. After a perfect distance, click again on the image border and keep doing it in the same process until you have finished going around the image and ultimately see “o” symbol, which means you are about to close the path. Click on the starting point for closing the path.

4. When the path is accomplished around the image as well as closed exactly, move to path palette (window menu/ select paths). Click twice on the work path and pinch enter button in order to save that path. That path name will be turned into path-1 in place of work path.

5. Now, from the Paths palette, you must move to Pop-Up menu, then select Clipping Path. You will get a dialogue box that will ask you to select your aimed path and flatness. Choose the path you need to clip, then put your aimed flatness and must click OK option. What is flatness? Flatness is the aimed volume or quantity of pixel you aim to make blur the figure or image border or edge. We would suggest that it would be time apt if you give up the flatness box blank (0), then the image edge surely will be 100% sharp.

6. Save the file in PSD or TIFF format. Get prepared to place into the project you are working with for design. You will find the image except for the background.

Wherein can you use Clipping Path?

Clipping Path is essential while using any photograph to generate a design, such as a web design, leaflet, brochure, magazine and so on. Suppose, you have an image which contains yellow color background, you want to use this image on the front page of your catalog. You must dispel the background of that photograph since your Catalogue color is green. For doing this, you have to create path round the photograph, then change this to the clipping path. After that, when you need to use that in Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign and some other program, the background of the photo will be disappeared. Therefore, it will display the photograph only.

Clipping Path Clipping Path
Clipping Path Clipping Path
Clipping Path Clipping Path