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How To Do Professional Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is the technique to edit an image. Image manipulation creates illusion or cheating in photographs. This type of art has been practiced almost for 2 centuries. Some people mean it an art form while the others think not. Image manipulation seems like the beautified faker. Most importantly, there is nothing to refuse that, photo manipulation is very useful. ... Read More »

Use pen tool to create clipping path for eliminating the background


Photoshop Pen Tool for creating clipping path and Removing the Background: This content is going to focus on the application of pen tool to draw clipping path and dismiss the background and setting the principal thing on a fresh background. This will generate excellent outlook and exposure. Herein, there are some sequences to pursue while dismissing the background by the ... Read More »

Jewelry Image Retouching and Emergence of clipping path

clipping path

Jewelry photography should be much attractive, pathetic and shiny in order to draw the sight of the consumers and viewers. jewelry items have a genuine reflexion what makes the image outlook commendable. Adobe Photoshop is such a software what is an answer itself to whole the image editing necessity. Try to follow these criteria to make the image outlook attractive ... Read More »