Use pen tool to create clipping path for eliminating the background

Photoshop Pen Tool for creating clipping path and Removing the Background:

This content is going to focus on the application of pen tool to draw clipping path and dismiss the background and setting the principal thing on a fresh background. This will generate excellent outlook and exposure.

Herein, there are some sequences to pursue while dismissing the background by the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop:

  1. Open the photograph in Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop pen too;
  2. Select pen tool from the layers palette. A new layer known as path layer will be created while clicking on any side of the object. clipping path selection
  3. If you want excellent and exact candidness, you have to zoom in the photo at 300%. It will deliver you an exact view of the border of the object. This way you can draw proper paths.clipping path zoom
  4. The perfect tool is pen tool to generate the clipping path. A bit sense is necessary on how to use the pen tool along with the features as anchor points, handles and erasing the anchor points for generating an exact path. In the initial stage, you must start with an easy photo which contains less edges. hand made clipping path
  5. Now, begin drawing the path on all sides of the object to trim. After finishing the path, again you must reach the beginning point and press down Ctrl and same time you have to click on the path thumbnail in the path palette. Clipping_Path_Company
  6. Now, you need to press down Shift+F6 at the same time for applying the feather 0.5 pixels. The standard differs from photo to photo. This is very important for a bland alteration on a fresh background.clipping-path-father
  7. The next step, attach layer mask to isolate the selected thing from the background. 
  8. You need to go back to the adjustment layer to alter the colour what you want to use on the background.
  9. At the final stage, you must check that you have applied the clipping path properly. Now, you can disable or enable your layer mask.


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